TEFL Students

“I just wanted to thank you all for giving me so many great opportunities in the teaching English world and for inspiring me with creative ideas. You are a great bunch of people and I hope that I will get to work with you sometime in the future.
Kate Alexandra Price

“Firstly the course, it was enjoyable, dynamic, enriching packed with useful and relevant knowledge. Teachers were good at bringing their experience across in their teaching and managed to maintain an element of approachability and supportiveness throughout everything.
Dugald Cloete

TIES Students

“The time that I have stayed here was great, I made good friends, learnt English and learnt how to work with different people. The teachers are friendly without forgetting Jess and Tania. This school is wonderful.
Godofredo Luneta (Pre Intermediate Level)

“It is nice and friendly, lots of respect for different cultures, religion and colour of people. You make new friends, you grow up, you learn and improve your English. When you finish, you are really sad but you still have a smile!”
Kim Michod (Intermediate Level)

TIES Classes

“The atmosphere in the classes was very warm. All the teachers are very nice and friendly. We had plenty of chance of participation of any activities, it was very good for our learning.”
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

“I will never forget my time in SA with all of you at TIES. You are my new and special family.”
Elsa Sapalo, Angola

“The teachers are very patient and kind. They know soooo much.”
Itaniel Bruno, Argentina

“I love my time here in SA. I don’t want to go home. It has changed my life.”
– Cris Texeira, Brazil

TIES Teachers

“I’m a very lucky child because I have a teacher like you, Erica.”
– Ami, Korea

“In their (the teacher’s life) life, first thing is the student. They are good councilors and they are like a mom.”
– Ga Young Jung, Korea

“Thank you Tania,  for now you are my mother, I respect you so much.”
Lucy Chinefu, Botswana


“Less than 2 months after my TEFL course and my life has changed. I am off to China on the 11th May and I am extremely grateful for all that you have done to help me.”
Stan Robson, SA teacher

“Thank you for making this the most interesting, exciting and worthwhile course, and I’ve done loads …”
– Ali Matthieson, SA teacher

“Birgit is an inspirational teacher…”
Pierre Heistein

“Danny is the best teacher we have ever employed, thanks to your excellent TEFL course and foundation. We would happily employ teachers from your school.”
Columbia Institute, China

TIES Home-stay families

“No one will ask for more from such nice accommodation.” “I miss my host family so much, they gave me the most memorable experience of the program.” “From the mouth and the heart of host mum I know my life has been enriched.”
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

TIES Tour groups

“I have grown through this trip.” “I had my first dream in English during this trip.” “The program broadened my view of being a person, telling me how to enjoy life.” “Most of us have got ‘South Africa Syndrome’, we miss SA so much it is all we talk about and we all want to come back again.”
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

“I shall never forget your kindness.”
Nao, Osaka University student

“Thank you for your kindness. I never forget. I feel very happy in South Africa. Thank you so much.”
Michiko, Osaka University student

“I enjoy my SA classes so much. I love SA. I come back again soon, to my new SA family at TIES.”
Yoshimi, Osaka University student